101 Things in 1001 Days

“Give your best always, Release all negativity, Enjoy what you do, Act with passion, Transcend and make a difference.”

I first learned about the “101 things in 1001 days” challenge from a fellow blogger and friend, Russia Boles. After reading her “101 in 1001” blog post, I thought that it was an interesting concept, so I’m taking up the challenge myself!

For those of you who would also be interested in taking up the “101 things in 1001 days” challenge yourselves, here’s some background history on how this trending idea and challenge came about for when you’re setting your own goals:

About 101 things in 1001 days

The Creator:

The “101 things in 1001 days” challenge was created by Michael Green, a blogger, traveller, and photographer from New Zealand, in 2003. After sharing his blog post online, where he set himself 101 goals to complete in 1001 days, the concept blew up and received wide spread attention that has allowed him to move onto other big things and create projects such as the Day Zero Project.

The Challenge: 

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching.

Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

All information about the “101 things in 1001 days” challenge was found on https://dayzeroproject.com/

hipsterlogogenerator_1470693368678Start Date: August 17, 2016                                                                     

 End Date: October 1, 2019

  1. Join a dance club/take a dance course (January 2017 – Hip Hop 1)
  2. Join a community service group on campus (September 2016 – Alpha Phi Omega)
  3. Take a paid dance class
  4. Join the student government on campus
  5. Start a YouTube channel
  6. Reach 20 blog posts on BBW! (June 2017)
  7. Study abroad
  8. Volunteer for a good cause or charity
  9. Volunteer for an environmental organization (e.g. urban farming program)
  10. Volunteer at a local hospital
  11. Volunteer somewhere in my local community
  12. Attend NYFW
  13. Attend VidCon
  14. Attend a music festival (e.g. Governor’s Ball, Coachella) (July 2017 – Panorama Music Festival)
  15. Visit a different US state and city that I’ve never been to before (e.g. Chicago, Washington DC, Colorado, Montana) (March 2017 – Cincinnati, Ohio)
  16. Visit the DR for the first time in 10 years
  17. Get an internship (May 2017 – City Growers)
  18. Take a computer science course (January 2017 – CS 008: Intro to Web Site Development)
  19. Go skiing in VT
  20. Go hiking in VT (March 2017 – Sunset Hike at Mt. Philo)
  21. Go camping
  22. See a Broadway musical
  23. Learn how to cook
  24. Learn how to drive
  25. Learn how to ride a bike
  26. Find my passion
  27. Become a better swimmer (not Olympic level swimming, just know enough to be able to survive if thrown into a big body of water)
  28. Take up a sport
  29. Take a spinning class
  30. Take a yoga class
  31. Take a Zumba class
  32. Take a boxing/kick boxing class (January 2017)
  33. Lose 10 pounds
  34. Go on a volunteer/community service trip (March 2017 – Alternative Spring Break 2017)
  35. Do a Color Run
  36. Work on a farm/learn how to farm (May-June 2017)
  37. Donate blood
  38. Bake 15 different recipes (4/15)
  39. Read 50 books (10/50) The Fifth Agreement, This Modern Love, The Woman Warrior, Milk & Honey, We Should All Be Feminists, Prisons We Choose To Live Inside, The Power of a Plant, Americanah, I Am Malala, Kafka on the Shore
  40. Go on a spring break trip with friends
  41. Watch a scary movie
  42. Dress up for/celebrate Halloween (October 2016 – Arthur Meme)
  43. Go to a “Haunted House” with friends
  44. Write in a journal everyday for a year
  45. Give up junk food for one month
  46. Watch the sunrise
  47. Watch the sunset (Multiple Times – Lake Champlain, Burlington VT)
  48. Shop at a farmer’s market & support local farms
  49. Try a new kind of food I’ve never had before
  50. Finish 5 Netflix series (5/5) The Get Down Part 1, October 2016; Chewing Gum Season 1, January 2017; The Get Down Part 2, April 2017; Dear White People, May 2017; Girlboss, May 2017; Chewing Gum Season 2, May 2017; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3, May 2017
  51. Go apple picking (October 2016)
  52. Go pumpkin picking
  53. Do something that scares me (January 2017- Ropes Course and Rock Climbing)
  54. Go to at least 5 concerts (4/5) FallFest 2016 – Vince Staples and Aminé, SpringFest 2017 – Two Door Cinema Club, Bibi Bourelly, Blossoms, & Navytrain, Burlington Showcase feat. Navytrain, 2%, & Evil People at Higher Ground, Panorama 2017
  55. Do something nice for a family member
  56. Do something nice for my mom
  57. Do something nice for a stranger
  58. Do something nice for a friend
  59. FINALLY ride the Kingda Ka at Six Flags
  60. Stay over at a friend’s house from a different state
  61. Go to Disneyland
  62. Learn how to meditate & practice meditation (August 2016)
  63. Overcome anxiety (or learn how to manage my anxiety in a healthier way)
  64. Sing in front of strangers
  65. Sing at a karaoke club/bar
  66. Eat at a restaurant alone
  67. Go shopping alone
  68. Go to the movies alone
  69. Don’t buy any new clothing or shoes for 3 consecutive months
  70. Become comfortable with my sexuality and body (e.g. Wear a crop top in public, wear a bikini to the beach or pool, go braless for a day) (July 2017 – Rye Playland)
  71. Become vegetarian (or at least go without eating any meat for one month)
  72. Be in a romantic relationship
  73. Meet Michelle Phan
  74. See a live show (e.g. America’s Got Talent) (June 2017 – Showtime at the Apollo)
  75. Try an extreme activity/sport (e.g. bungee jump, sky dive)
  76. Write a book?
  77. Invest in a vlogging camera (for my YouTube channel)
  78. Visit Miami
  79. Visit LA
  80. Donate money to a respectable charity (e.g. Alzheimer’s Association; a charity for education)
  81. Start recycling
  82. Help clean up a beach/beaches
  83. Do something to help the environment/be more environmental
  84. Upload my first YouTube video
  85. Collaborate with another YouTuber
  86. Collaborate with another blogger
  87. Dance in front of strangers
  88. Get my first bikini wax
  89. Go to a spa with friends
  90. Attend a New Year’s Eve party
  91. Participate in a dance recital (May 2017 – Hip Hop 1 Final Performance…I’m the girl in the creme long-sleeve trying to hide in the back.)
  92. Audition for a school play
  93. Take part in a school play
  94. Design clothing/sketch out clothing designs
  95. Make at least 10 DIYs (3/10) DIY Notebooks, Dreamcatchers, Jewelry Holder
  96. Go to a club
  97. Become a mentor to someone
  98. Meet a celebrity or regular person that inspires me (July 2017 – Stephen Ritz)
  99. Visit a national park (March 2017 – Niagara Falls)
  100. Go to my first college party
  101. Visit at least 5 new museums (3/5) Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, The Paley Center for Media, MOMA PS 1

And more…

  1. Become a certified yoga instructor
  2. Become a certified mindfulness instructor
  3. Create and complete a “passion project”
  4. Work/intern for ipsy or Michelle Phan
  5. Obtain 100 followers on blog!
  6. Partner with a cool brand/company
  7. Take a martial arts class
  8.  See Coldplay in concert!
  9. Take a road trip across the USA
  10. See Marina and the Diamonds in concert!
  11. Record 30 seconds of each day, during one summer, and compile it into a video
  12. Give away $1 to a charitable cause, person in need, or artist on the subway every day for a month*
  13. Get my “aura” read




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